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The project is implementation of the following task:

The task at hand is to build a website for Webinars questions. We run bi-weekly webinars for our users, and we want to do the following:
  • Show the users a list of our webinars (The data is on youtube channel)
  • Show a list of the next few scheduled webinar (in the user’s own time zone)
  • Allow the users to submit questions, comment on questions and vote on questions for the next webinar.
  • Allow the admin to mark specific questions as answered in a specific webinar (after it was uploaded to YouTube).
  • Manage Spam for questions & comments

The project contains two applications:
  • console application that poll a requested youtube site that present webinars & update local db with all published webinars
  • web application that shows all site webinars (videos)
    • allow users to interact with site webinars - add questions & comments & vote on questions
    • allow admin users to publish scheduled webinars
    • allow admin users to mark question as answered

The application was tested on IE9 + google Chrome browser.

attached is an step by step instruction document

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